Phantom Derby are a 5-piece American Alternative Rock band from Baltimore, MD. The band formed in 2019 from a group of renegade garage rockers who met playing in the local scene and decided to join together. With the fusion blues rockers Blackwater Brothers and dream pop rockers Motel Camp, Phantom Derby was born from mutual interests and influences such as Weezer, The Black Keys, and The Strokes. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses huge drums and catchy melodies with poetic lyrics and a dash of witty banter that will make audiences want to start their own band, either from inspiration or the feeling that anybody could do this.


“I think the band does a great job playing on the "teenage wasteland" feel without succumbing to the kitschiness of emo or pop-punk (which is making a huge comeback right now).  This is best exemplified in the first track, "Oh Well," which feels grungy and could even be likened to some early Green Day.” - Will Weise, Baltimore Music Critic and Blogger

Full write up: https://www.weisewords.com/post/indie-artist-spotlight-phantom-derby